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About Us

About Us


Madness. You'll know it when you have it.


It stops being about trophies and even racing record times. It bypasses sports training discipline to become outdoor obsession. No hill is too steep, no water too cold, no weather foreboding enough. Every day of adventure sports brings with it a new opportunity to see something different and to discover something new about yourself. This is the essence of the MadAthlete. Co-workers think you're crazy, your spouse thinks you're a little tweaked. But you know...

...and so do we. Which is why MadAthlete is all about outfitting all of your twisted, crazy adventurous souls. We don't just cater to the whim of mountain bikers, climbers, campers, trekkers, paddlers, trail runners and adventure racers. We feed your fever with the best selection of outdoor sports and adventure gear.

With a vast assortment of adventure sports products from top manufacturers, we are the first place to stop before continuing on your endless adventure.

MadAthlete isn't a company, it's a state of mind.

We are that one important stop before the next great adventure. We are made for and by those who believe 'getting out there' means living.

We bring together a community of adventure athletes, the experts who provide that all-important know-how, and the companies that make all the great gear.